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Focus Photography: The Bauhaus Series

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The Bauhaus Series



I have a lot of fun creating photographic series. There is no particular concept behind the idea, except that most series have the same, or a very similar object in mind. But even this is not always true, there are series in which I took pictures of different objects in different places. What got them together into a series was the similar mood and atmosphere. There are already quite a few series I´ve presented in this blog, just punch series into the search field above and they´ll pop up, or visit the Photography Gallery.

The idea to present series came by coincidence. Ever since I started with photography, I´ve been collecting pictures that normally would´ve been a case for the bin. Not pictures for show but for my personal archive, to remember certain situations and moods. Only later did I recognize their potential for a series. Gradually I started to set pictures together that somehow belonged together, or had a similar topic. And only with my start into digital photography did the series of one and the same object increase. Most of us know the situation: you take hundreds of pictures of the same motif, just to pick the best one. You´re plannng to trash the others. This is the moment where I hesitate, I delete a lot but also save some for later use. 

And here is a classic example. I took a lot of pictures of a staircase in the Bauhaus building in Dessau just to get that one nice shot. Most of these pictures were planned for the wastebasket but in the end found an afterlife as a series.





























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