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Framing Berlin: Random Berlin, pt. 4

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Random Berlin, Part 4







Berlin-Mitte. Backside of the controversial reconstruction of the old palace. The exterior of the palace will have the old looks but the interior will supposedly be a modern cultural multi-purpose meeting place. The whole complex is going to be the Humboldt-Forum






Berlin-Mitte. A staircase in one of Berlin´s typical endless courtyards.






Berlin-Mitte. This is a very unusual picture for Mitte, as it has become the epitome for rising neo smugness

and the nouveau-riche normally don´t have Refugees on their agenda.






Berlin-Mitte. Rough corresponding translation: In Berlin please take care, ´tis construction fury - so beware.

Some things never change. A photograph and a cartoon from almost a hundred years ago (early 1920s) on

a present-day construction-site fence, prove that Berliners are used to unsystematic construction madness.







Berlin-Mitte. The domes of the newly constructed palace and of the Berlin Cathedral

reflect in the glass front of the German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt).






Berlin-Mitte. Pock-marked facade next to Sophienkirche in Spandauer Vorstadt of Mitte. Confusing, because this is nowhere near Spandau. In the olden days this was the part of old town close to the Spandau-Gate. The road leaving Spandau-Gate led to the next town, which was Spandau, some 13 km to the west. Some bullet-riddled facades are kept this way as a reminder of the fierce street fighting that was going on when Soviet Forces liberated the city.






Berlin-Kreuzberg. The Fatih-Mosque and the Catholic Church Of Our Lady in close proximity. Both are involved in neighborhood projects in one of the poorest boroughs of Berlin. The catholic church also houses a branch of the Missionaries Of Charity, the congegration founded by Mother Teresa.






Berlin-Mitte adjacent to Berlin-Friedrichshain. The iconic trio towers of the BVG headquarters,

the Berlin Public Transport Company. 





Berlin Gallery










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