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Close to Home: Back in Bad Muskau

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Back in Bad Muskau



The fascinating and very unusual life of Count Pückler and his legacy was one reason to once again visit the inviting park landscape of Bad Muskau (Check out my first Blogpost about Pückler and the Park). But also the provincial, the unexpected and the bizarreness of the East German current state are worth updating. I like driving around, exploring what the regions around Berlin are like, discovering what may not be so nice about Germany, seeing things that I cannot identify with, and, of course all the good things and good people that are on the way. After all, Berlin is an island life in the middle of Absurdistan, and I think it is important to try to understand why real life in Germany is so different with every turn of the corner. Figuring this out is a main motivation for travels and tours in our vicinity.



Outside the park




The grave of Machbuba on a cemetery next to the Pückler Park and Castle. Count Pückler bought her on a slave market in Cairo on his travels through Egypt and Sudan, she was his companion and mistress until she succumbed to the harsh climate of her new home far away from home. Machbuba is a town legend and she is respected by locals, her grave is tended for despite right wing tendencies in the region.





The deeper meaning of this Trabbi squeezed between a wall and a pillar in a shop cum showroom beats me. 





The manual signal lever on the not quite finished station for the scenic light railway.




Inside the park




A tourist in the park.




The Polish side




On the Polish side of the park a young oak grows out of the leftovers of the Herrmann-oak,

a tree that stood in Pücklers lifetime and was named after his grandfather.














The German side










The old and new castles.









Saxony Gallery











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