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Framing Berlin: Cool Public Transport - part 3

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Cool Public Transport - part 3



Last year I´ve been to Moscow and have once again seen the fabulous Metro they have there. It´s without doubt the most beautiful public transport system in the world. It is tidy and shiny, people respect the public space and there is no vandalism. Also, there is enough space in most places and the public uses the Metro extensively. In Berlin people also use the U-Bahn extensively and in many stations, particularly along the outskirts of town there is enough room to swing a cat. But in the downtown areas it can get crampy. And in the most busy lines of U 1, U 2 and U 8 there is something that I couldn´t detect in the Moscow lines. A very own atmosphere per line, the looks of the carriages, the people riding the lines and of course the certain aesthetics, or rather non-aesthetics of certain stations. Perhaps it´s a subjective perception, something one sees and feels when using certain routes often at certain times. The Berlin subway deals with the unique fact that both city halfs had their own system and development going on during the time of separation. There are also two carriage sizes when it comes to the width. The narrower versions tend to be more cosy, then again they are crampier during the rush hours, which most people don´t book as a nice experience. Yet, under the line I have to say that I really like using the subway despite some of the messy side effects. Sometimes a homeless person can´t hold in their natural urge, every once in a while a drunken tourist is sick between stations. But hey, the big city is not only a pleasure ground. 







Alexanderplatz is one of my favorite stations because of it´s intersection

character and slightly confusing directives.





The iconic U 1 highline approaching Schlesisches Tor. The newest

generation carriages aren´t as cool as the older models.





U 1 at 2 am - it´s the night line.





Hallesches Tor above ground station.





U 1 rattling along.





The surroundings of Gleisdreieck are particularly interesting due to it´s long history of intensive use of all rail lines combined. The translation of Gleisdreieck means track-triangle, referring to the concentration of tracks from the former rail yard, the subway, the commuter lines and the long distance trains. 









The tiles have the colors of Alexanderplatz, but it´s in fact

a staircase at Gesundbrunnen (Nordbahnhof).





Rosenthaler Platz late at night. The slanguage term of Orient Express for the U 8 line referrs to it´s

connection of Neukölln and Wedding, both neighborhoods with a high Turkish population. 





Back at Alexanderplatz.





U-Bahn Gallery












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