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Close to Home: Sylt - The Human Touch

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Sylt - The Human Touch



The heather of Braderup in Sylt is a small hiking paradise, pristine nature along the eastern tideland coast of the island. But Sylt is only of a particular size and slightly overpopulated in tourist season. Even though many parts of the island are under the protection of some natural habitat declaration or the other, the influence of humans in nature is obvious everywhere one goes. The heather enjoys protection status as well, but it doesn´t prevent authorities to undertake minor incisions when deemed necessary. Parts of the protected areas are open to the public, a minimum of infrastructure is unavoidable. Here are some impressions from our last walk from Kampen to Braderup.







Men at work. We didn´t see them, but they´re bound to be there. The bush to the right of the sign

is the Sylt-Rose, an undemanding plant which quickly spreads from coast to coast on the island.






Excavator by the sea.






Rest and tidyness.






Couldn´t quite make out what this scenario was about.






Houses in heather from pre-protection days.





Sylt Gallery










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