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Zeitperle: Rote Flora

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Rote Flora

Hamburg, 2011






Rote FloraRote Flora





A woman having her lunch sandwich on the corner of Susannenstrasse and Schulterblatt in the Schanzen-Quarter of Hamburg. The flat-roofed two-story building with the twin bays facing the street in the centre of the picture is the infamous Rote Flora, a former theatre which is occupied by leftist activists and functions as a headquarter for the autonomous movement. The recent riots during the G-20 summit concentrated in this area. The attorney and speaker for the Rote Flora commented after rioters left behind a path of destruction in the neighborhood: "We sympathize with these actions, but please not in our neighborhood; why not in the hoods of Pöseldorf or Blankenese (posh neighborhoods in Hamburg)?" He faced quite a lot of criticism, even from the left political spectrum, after these nonsensitive remarks. Another interesting footnote concerning the Rote Flora, is the story of three female undercover agents of Hamburgs Criminal Investigation Department, who managed to work their way into the innards of the autonomous clique, and even had lenghty affairs with members of the movement. Nothing new though, the autonomous movement supects that they have been infiltrated with stool pigeons ever since the occupation of the Rote Flora in November 1989.

These are the kind of places I like hanging around. They´re interesting, many people who move around are interesting, the sub-culture of these kind of places is interesting. Rote Flora is a part of the city´s moving and controversial history. Furthermore it is a place that reminds me of my neighborhood in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Taking pictures here is just easy, motifs are abundand.







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