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Close to Home: Scenes of Erfurt

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Scenes of Erfurt



When big city dwellers hear the names of other towns that are smaller, a slight trace of arrogance mixes in with a deplorable look. What? Why would you go there? But a good look and some on the spot field-testing, produce realistic and actual state facts. Erfurt is a pretty and a very historic town, it has been an important location on the crossroads of trade and political power shifts. Most of the traces left by history can still be seen, luckily Erfurts rich architectural treasure has been spared the allied bombs and also survived socialist negligence. Due to the fact that its the Capital of the state of Thuringia and that it has the countrys oldest University, two colleges and several economically orientated institutes, the streets have an open-minded, almost cosmopolitan big city feel. Casual conversations on the tram and an easy way of getting around to meet people, seem to be a recipe for success in one of the more progressive towns we´ve been to recently. We loved and enjoyed it.






Wow, graffiti! Reminiscence to cosmopolitan urbanism.


























        A German math proverb keeps the memory of

        a great teacher alive.








                                                                                                    As in many other German cities the Synagogue has  

                                                                                                    been the target of anti-Semitism through the ages.

                                                                                                    The nazis destroyed it, the socialists misused it and

                                                                                                     altered most parts of the building.










































                                                                                                     A bundle of straw in a small round or square hole

                                                                                                     near the entrance of a house, signals the

                                                                                                     houseowners right to brew beer and that freshly

                                                                                                     brewed beer is available.










Friends meet beyond the dark alley.






to be continued...




Thuringia Gallery










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