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Framing Berlin: Kreuzberg Metamorphosis

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Kreuzberg Metamorphosis




Berlin, and Kreuzberg in particular, is full of graffiti and murals. There is a certain language, a code that is spoken through this temporary street art form. Many people oppose the term Art for this expressive communication, especially outsiders from rural areas (I can always anticipate my dads head shaking with disbelief when he visits). It´s hard to imagine that there was a time when houses and surfaces in public were graffiti-free. It´s true that this is also a form of vandalism, but many parts of town have subjected to this wonderful anarchy. Some real estate owners even calculate certain graffiti artists and their inheritance into the value of an object. It has taken some time and talks with insiders to understand the messages and bonds and not-bonds between different graffiti sprayers/sprayer collectives. What makes this subject especially interesting is its temporary character. Most graffitis and murals are not for eternity. And that´s good.

Here is an example from the street I live in. I´ve made shots of this graffiti over a course of two and a half years.






June 2015





June 2016





February 2018






Berlin Gallery









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