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Framing Berlin: A Day On The Ice

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A Day On The Ice



This winter has been mild, grey and ugly for the most part. It snowed every now and then, but temperatures were too high for any hope of white winter wonderland. Recently though, for several days in a row temperatures dropped into the freezing range turning the Landwehrkanal into a skating paradise. Even though it didn´t snow and still no winter wonderland, there was solid ice. On a beautiful and sunny Sunday the people living close to the canal made a field trip, knowing that this condition wouldn´t last for long.






People and a pug start gathering.




A musician started an impressing sound collage.








The crowd was gathering around the musician raising doubts about the static capacity

of the ice. Strangely, no street venders started showing up, usually a matter of fact

in this part of Berlin. Coffee and kebab skewers would´ve gone nicely.





Having the easiest access to the canal, most people came on the ice from the Kreuzberg side.



This is the part of the canal where the boroughs of Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Treptow meet. 









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