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Focus Photography: A Trip

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A Trip (in Turkey)



July 2007, a roundtrip from Ankara to Mt. Ararat and back. Apart from the usual photographic documentation of our fun, comic and strenuous ascent of the biblical mountain and the exploration of its surroundings, especially the town of Doğubayazıt, I took many random pictures, shooting from the hip, trying to somehow suck in all impressions. It´s one way of getting a sort of a souvenir of ones trip to a very different cultural area. Raw and direct, not composed, not carefully chosen. One could say that this approach is somewhere between travel and street photography.





Pre-flight. Ankara airport.





Restaurant at Muradiye waterfalls.






Kurdish settlements, on the road between Čaldıran and Doğubayazıt, in proximity

to the Iranian border. Same for the next two pictures.













Hotel room in Doğubayazıt.






Kurdish girl with horse on the lower flanks of Mt. Ararat.






View of Doğubayazıt from Ishak Pasha Palace.






Entrance to Ishak Pasha Palace.






Downtown Doğubayazıt.




The Photography Gallery













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