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Framing Berlin: Wandelism

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The other day a friend and I went to see an exhibition in a former car repair shop that is planned for demolition. So for a short period of time the whole building with all its big space, rooms and basement was free for all sorts of urban artists, especially graffiti and mural sprayers, to spraypaint and display. The project was called Wandelism, a neo-logism adopted from the German word Wandel (Change). The idea reminded me of the THEHAUS project from 2017 when a huge building was used by artists before the house and the art were deconstructed. A similar project called Artomatic (my blogpost from 2013) took place in Northern Virginia a couple of years ago. Wandelism was small and cosy in comparison to the other two, yet it was great fun and the artwork quite intensive but nice to look at. 








The former car repair shop.










































                                              Guided tours of the exhibition could be taken.
































































































































       Some of the graffitis seemed familiar as we live in a part of Berlin that is known for its

       notorious graffiti and mural density. A homage to this fact is the yellow U 1 subway

       car displaying Schlesisches Tor, our nearest subway station.















The Berlin Gallery











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