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Framing Berlin: A Perfect Gray

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A Perfect Gray



Recent days and weeks have been very gorgeous in Berlin, dismissing the not so gorgeous days of winter. We get used to the beautiful and forget the supposed ugly. But then again what is ugly and pretty? Let´s make it easy by saying that most people think sunshine is pretty and cloudy days are ugly. Here I have something for the minority who think the other way, some beautiful images of gray days. Not just gray, but perfect gray. The color of sky that the Berlin weather machine is so good at in producing.






Almost finished Humboldt Forum, Mitte





Almost finished City Castle (the front side of the Forum), Mitte





European School Of Management And Technology (ESMT),

the former State Council of the German Democratic

Republic (DDR) Building, Mitte





A Hotel, Schöneberg





The Berolinahaus at Alexanderplatz built between 1929 and 1932, Mitte





A Hotel, Charlottenburg





Upper West Tower, Charlottenburg





Berlin Gallery










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