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Framing Berlin: Tempelhof Interior II 1/2

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Tempelhof Interior II 1/2



This must be the fifth post about the former Tempelhof airport, I seem to be fascinated with the mammoth, difficult to comprehend dimensions of the whole layout and arrangement. The sheer idea and concept and willpower to have come up with something so crazy proves the insanity of a system that gave birth to something so beyond sanity. I´ve written about the history and idea behind the airport plan back in the thirties in one of the other posts, feel free to punch in Tempelhof in the search field above to find it.

These pictures are from my second tour of the interior of the building and only show the seemingly unspectacular regular airport aspect of one small part of the complex. Empty halls and hallways, signs and boards and familiar views that we know from any other airport, even if the style is outdated by two decades. Somehow nice and spooky.






















































Tempelhof Gallery












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